Special Interview With Dor-E, Winner Of The AI-Customer Experience FinTech Innovation Challenge

2 Sept 2019
Special Interview With Dor-E, Winner Of The AI-Customer Experience FinTech Innovation Challenge

Last June, Dor-e was announced as the winner of the NBE FinTech Galaxy “Shaping the Customer Experience with AI” challenge at Seamless North Africa 2019.                   The National Bank of Egypt was seeking AI-based solutions that could be used to recreate and enhance their customer experience, and Dor-e clinched the win with their innovative virtual queuing solution. We took the opportunity to get to know the promising startup and their favorable product a bit better, in an exclusive interview where they provided us with some rich insights into their offering.                 


FinTech Egypt (FE): What challenges have you faced so far in convincing people to use Dor-e across Egypt?


Dor-e (D): The main challenge we usually face in Egypt is that most people are not tech-savvy, and naturally there's always going to be resistance when it comes to changing a long-lasting working culture to something that is more aligned with the times! We pride ourselves in our ability to eliminate doubts through factual results.


FE: Are you willing to expand your solution outside Egypt?


D: Absolutely, and we are already in talks with some clients in the MENA region.


FE: How do you intend to address the issue of people not adhering to your product's guidelines and trying to cut in the queue at any location?


D: The main advantage of our product, other than digital queuing, is live monitoring. Every single manager has the ability to monitor the performance and behavior live, without having to wait for next-day reports. Managers are able to spot any suspicious or erroneous acts on the spot, whether from customers or agents, from the comfort of their mobile devices.


FE: What do you expect from financial institutions to deploy your solution more effective?


D: The number one factor is motivating staff to make the project work, where aligning goals with management and staff will guarantee 100% successful deployment, along with the right communication with the financial institution customers on how to make use of the system.


FE: After winning the NBE FinTech Galaxy Innovation Challenge at Seamless 2019, what are your future plans for Dor-e?


D: Our goal has always been to make Egypt a queue-free country and to give back people their precious time instead of waiting in line.


Check out their website or Facebook page to know more.

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