FinTech Innovation Fund

Funding is one of the significant pillars of the CBE's strategy for FinTech and innovation. The Central Bank of Egypt is currently studying the initiation of an investment Vehicle with a capital of 1 billion Egyptian pounds, to support innovative FinTechs and FinTech-enablers domains. The investment vehicle can be established through the investment arms of some commercial banks that possess the cadres and expertise necessary to operate and manage it.

Objectives of the Investment Vehicle:

Increase investments targeting emerging FinTech startups, especially those in their early stages.

Activate the financial technology industry in the Egyptian market.

Support innovation in the banking and financial services sectors.

Promote digital transformation and raise financial inclusion rates.

Transform Egypt into a regional hub for the financial technology industry.

How we support startups in our FinTech community

As part of the overall Innovation & FinTech Strategy formulated and adopted by the Central Bank of Egypt, the CBE is championing a new Investment Platform in collaboration with a number of local and international institutional partners to mobilize funding for VC Funds, incubators and accelerators focusing on Tech & FinTech startups. The new Investment Platform (“Innovation Fund”) shall fund startups both directly through co-investments and indirectly through the selected VC funds and other vehicles. As well as directly through co-investments. The funding to be mobilized directly and indirectly by the new platform is expected to start with USD 50-100 million upon launch reaching to USD 350-500 million over a period of 5 years.
How we support startups in our FinTech community
The Innovation Fund shall be independently managed under the supervision of its Board of Directors and shall have ongoing collaboration with the new FinTech Hub as well as Egyptian regulators to ensure addressing regulation uncertainties facing the ecosystem and promote new developments in this area going forward.

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