Children are digitally savvy yet lack financial education to manage their allowance. What can we do to engage children on personal financial education through gamified platforms?


Low income consumers and vulnerable groups lack knowledge of digital and financial education. How do we educate them on the importance of using Digital Financial Services?


Millennials lack knowledge the importance of personal management. How can we educate them about personal financial management and long term investment?


Egyptians are unaware of the importance of insurance and don’t trust them. So what can we do to educate them on importance of being insured?


The youth buy a lot of products online (e-commerce) but prefer to pay in cash as they don’t trust Digital Financial Services Channels. What can financial institutions build trust on using digital payment methods?


Young adults may get deceived and hacked because they lack awareness of the importance of website security and pin usage. So how can we educate them on importance of securing their pins and using credible websites?


An expat wants to extend his business to Egypt but doesn’t know where to find readily available information to open a bank account. What can we do to provide an easy tool to know the procedures to be banked in Egypt?


People are used to save and invest their money in land or gold as they don't have knowledge of alternative investment channels. How can we educate them on how to compare and choose investment products according to their interests?


An entrepreneur is trying to expand his business but doesn't know how to pitch to banks. So what can we do to help him develop a proper business plan and present it to banks?


A retail investor doesn’t know what is the best opportunity to invest his money to maximize his return on investment (ROI). So what can financial institutions do to educate him on relevant financial products?


A large percentage of SMEs fail because they lack knowledge of risk assessment and budget planning. So what can we do educate SMEs assess their coverage needs and better detect their risk.


A young entrepreneur wants to start a new business but business opening is taking too much time from him to understand the complicated regulatory and legal procedures. So what can we do to provide an easy and smooth guidance to implement his innovative idea?


A banked customer faces problems with having a clear overview of his finances because balance statements are very complex. How can we use multi-lingual and user friendly platform to serve customers with no English and basic financial knowledge?


A customer wants to buy an apartment but has no information on access to finance or suitable banking facilities. What can we do to create awareness of suitable financial products and deliver their privileges in an easy way?

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