The Regulatory Sandbox

It is a virtual constructed well-defined space, within which applicants can experiment with innovative FinTech solutions in a live and relaxed regulatory environment for a limited period of time and under a well-defined testing parameter where challenges and risks to the financial system and ordinary FinTech consumers have been strictly contained.

Virtual and experimental space

Cohort-based model

Regulatory guidance to FinTech businesses

Provides regulatory services

Why a Regulatory Sandbox and how does it benefit the various segments of the Fintech ecosystem in Egypt?

The CBE Sandbox will help in understanding and managing the risks associated with new and disruptive technologies before products hit the mass market. The Sandbox will help in driving more effective competition in Egypt’s financial services market by carefully monitoring and integrating the Fintech’s in the wider eco-system.

Support FinTechs

Help the Fintech’s to navigate their journey and guide them on Legal, Regulatory and Compliance matters

Facilitate Fintech’s to concentrate on their core business under the supervision of the Regulatory bodies

Support FinTech's
More Control
More Control

Provide a structured and controlled environment within which new regulations are identified

A monitored test-bed for FinTech’s to demonstrate their technology

Better Collaboration

One stop shop for Fintech’s, Financial Institutions, CBE, other regulators and consumers to collaborate and work together to solve the complexities and improve time to market of new innovative products

Reducing Time to Market
Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection

Support in identifying appropriate consumer protection safeguards to build into new products and services

Ensure that the associated risks are identified and mitigated before the product hits the mass market

Develop Trust

Will help in developing an environment of trust and accountability

Increase confidence for the investors locally and internationally and Promote Egyptian Fintech scene

Develop Trust for Investors

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligibility Within FinTech Scope
  • Eligibility Genuinely innovative
  • Eligibility Customer benefit
  • Eligibility In a real need for the regulatory Sandbox
  • Eligibility Mature solution, and ready for Sandbox testing
  • Eligibility Support digital transformation & Financial Inclusion initiatives

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