CIB Seeks FinTech Startups For Merchant Mania Challenge

21 August 2019
CIB Seeks FinTech Startups For Merchant Mania Challenge

Aiming to afford inclusion services to help mass merchants, the Commercial International Bank (CIB) based in Egypt is scouting for startups and businesses who can provide both financial and non-financial services in the FinTech Galaxy “Merchant Mania” challenge.

The CIB is keen on rolling out inclusion services to help the mass merchants, in light of the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) latest digital acceptance (QR Code) license granted to CIB.

The CIB is seeking startups and businesses who can hack the market and create a proposition or a solution that would cover but not limited to serving them with financial and non-financial services.

Financial services can encompass acquiring businesses, lending, saving and insurance. Eligible non-financial services can include inventory management, market insights and networking.

Additionally, a convenient & efficient way to acquire merchants and easily onboard them is essential.

Apply now to the CIB’s “Merchant Mania” challenge:


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