Emirates NBD Seeks Startups Experienced In CBE Facility-Granting Regulations

5 August 2019
Emirates NBD Seeks Startups Experienced In CBE Facility-Granting Regulations


Startups with solutions that help in providing individual, SME and corporate customers with an instant                decision on facility granting that cope with regulations of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) are now                welcome to be part of Emirates NBD.


The UAE-based bank is seeking startups for the sake of facilitating the explanation of facility-granting                requirements and to reduce the cost & time for cashing in the amount of loan required, as long as they                are compliant with the Central Bank of Egypt’s regulation for said requirements. If you are eligible as a                startup, you are invited to submit your solution and be part of the MENA Fintech Hackathon by applying                here: https://www.fintech-galaxy.com/challenges/view/69


The deadline for participation in that challenge is on September 1 st 2019. Shortlisted startups will be                invited to a bootcamp in Dubai on September 29 th – 30 th , while the winning startups will be announced                at FinX2019.


The winning startups will be rewarded with a Proof of Concept (PoC) that will be judged by a panel of                industry experts from Emirates NBD and Fintech Galaxy.


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