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Rising Startup Netsahem Digitizes Charity In Egypt

5 August 2019
Rising Startup Netsahem Digitizes Charity In Egypt


In January 2019, four passionate individuals came up with an idea to create a digital donation platform                aimed to facilitate the charity process between donors & non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for                people in need of help across Egypt. Four intense months later, Netsahem was born.


Founded in Cairo, Netsahem set out on a mission to digitize the charity sector in Egypt by establishing a                wide online presence and enabling innovative e-payment methods for the majority of NGOs that                operate offline. At this point, they had secured investment from Pride Capital and were part of the                accelerator program at the Startupbootcamp first FinTech cohort in Cairo, one of the world’s largest                networks of multi-corporate backed accelerators that help entrepreneurs and startups grow on an                international scale. Netsahem was also supported by a group of prominent partners that included Alex                Bank, Export Development Bank of Egypt (EBE) and VISA.


The fundraising platform has lately been attracting more attention and achieving more milestones as                they grow, with the most recent one attained last June when they graduated from the Mint incubator                program by EG Bank in partnership with The Cairo Angels, in their 3 rd incubation round.


Additionally, Netsahem has been participating in several distinguished tech and startup events in Cairo.                Their Innovation Manager represented Netsahem at a young talent event hosted by the Italian Embassy                in Cairo where he discussed the innovative charity platform. CEO Mohamed Yehia recently participated                in a panel discussion at the Saudi-Egyptian Digital Economy Forum. On July 20 th 2019, On July 20 th , he                presented their success story at the FinTech Conference for Startups & Entrepreneurs as well.


Moreover, Netsahem represented Cairo at the Techne Drift competition, held at the American                University in Cairo.


With their focus set on bridging the gap between donors and online/offline NGOs, Netsahem has been                working in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 global goals set by the United                Nations General Assembly for the year 2030 – as well as Egypt Vision 2030 in correspondence with                financial inclusion and digital transformation. As their team grows to currently encompass 15 passionate                and dedicated members, they hope to keep on building a business environment that supports diversity                and authenticity by providing technological solutions to the charity sector in Egypt.


Check out Netsahem’s official website: netsahem.com


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