Relevance of Scheduling Apps for Bank Appointments is Skyrocketing

5 May 2020
Relevance of Scheduling Apps for Bank Appointments is Skyrocketing

With social distancing still in full effect during the developing COVID-19 situation, bank branches are understandably witnessing a decrease in physical traffic, as their digital counterparts and/or third-party applications are seeing much more interest these days. However branches are still operational in many parts of the world and some financial matters need one’s physical presence at a bank. On that note, safety & precautionary measures are being taken by banks that operate during specific work hours, and scheduling apps are now rising to the occasion to support these measures by helping people book their appointments.

As banks and financial institutions adapt their strategies to the unforeseen global situation, they shifted their operations fully or partially to the online world in a very short time. This led to some confusion by customers in the beginning, especially those that need walk-services at branches. The first measure was to limit these interactions to specific times, hence the need for scheduling appointments to separate customers one at a time. This greatly helped in easing the customers’ concerns while reducing health risks and ensuring that their needs are met.

As more banks applied this approach, the benefits of appointment scheduling quickly started to show, such as management of bank traffic and optimizing meeting the customer’s demands. When people schedule appointments in advance and state the nature of their business, the virtual queue becomes more manageable in terms of matching staff skillsets and customer needs while adhering to social distancing requirements.

The financial institutions that wish to eliminate physical branches altogether have a wide array of secure and easy-to-use digital services to choose from. Personalization becomes key here, and custom solutions are in demand by different demographics of the community, each with their different needs and challenges in terms of user experience and adaptability to new technology. Intuitive and easy-to-use digital applications are needed for the elderly that shouldn’t go to any bank branches, while more complex FinTech apps are needed for enterprising banking, for instance. Innovation will also play a big role in scheduling and appointment-making digital channels, and we are bound to see a significant shift in the spectrum of digital services as we know them today. This is where a personalized approach becomes critical for retaining customers and also acquiring new ones, as a bank’s reputation during this tough period will also define it later in the post-coronavirus world.



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