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‘Travelex Business’ Launched as New B2B FinTech Platform

14 October 2019
‘Travelex Business’ Launched as New B2B FinTech Platform

London-based foreign exchange and Finablr company Travelex Group have announced their new B2B, API-centric FinTech platform called Travelex Business.

The new all-in-one platform enables Travelex’s partners, such as banks, retailers, credit unions and digital technology firms, to gain access to a wide range of foreign exchange and payment services. The recent launch comes as part of a four-year digital remodeling project. 

Under the umbrella of financial services holding company Finablr, Travelex Business builds on its global assets and reach to encompass three core product suites as follows:

Travelex Business Cash

A tech-empowered cash transfer solution that allows its users to receive cash in a quick and secure way, enabled by working with banks, retailers and financial institutions. Features include Cash Network and Cash Services that contain an array of related white-label cash products.

Travelex Business Pay

 A cross-border payment platform that caters to enterprise customers including financial institutions and digital technology firms, offering two modules which are Pay Banking for banks and other financial services providers, and Pay Direct for organizations and consumers needing quick and easy large cross-border payments. Both modules provide APIs that allow seamless international money transfers.

Travelex Business Cloud

An exemplary platform for businesses that offer foreign currency services to international customers, Travelex Business Cloud allows businesses to financially benefit from transactions occurring through ecommerce websites, mobile apps, PoS terminal or ATMs. The Cloud suite offers flexible Multi-Currency Processing and Dynamic Currency Conversion, empowered by a market leading Dynamic Exchange Rate Engine.

Travelex Business Digital

Travelex Business Digital is a developer platform that grants access to Travelex Business APIs, to allow their partners to embed processes and services into their products and services.


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