An unbanked woman that sells handmade carpets, wants to export but he is unable to obtain a letter of guarantee. So what can we make to facilitate the process of exporting?


A taxi driver trying to insure his car but unable to satisfy its fixed monthly insurance cost because his monthly income is variable. So what can we do to link consumption to insurance cost?


Unbanked merchant needs to ease his suppliers’ credit terms but suppliers refuse. So what can we do to boost his / her liquidity and enable growth?


A micro merchant trying to accept instant noncash payments but it is difficult and expensive for him to get other payment acceptance methods because of the standards and eligibility criteria. So what can we do to allow this micro merchant receive payments instantly in an easy and cost efficient way?


Unbanked fruit and vegetable seller feels insecure in case of inability to sell perishable produce. So what can we do to help him mitigate the risk of products’ perishability?


A Kiosk owner trying to increase his working capital to add more stock but has no liquidity. So what can we do to grant him methods for access to finance?


A carpenter trying to pay his workers in advance but he has a cash flow problem because he gets paid post work. So what can we do to facilitate his liquidity issue?


A medical clinic owner trying to buy equipment for clinic but banks refuse to lend him due to the variability of the business model. So what can we do to help SMEs obtain this fixed asset?


A young entrepreneur trying to start his own business but he has no access to formal means of financing. So what can we do to help him start his business project with a small capital?


An entrepreneur trying to manufacture his prototype on a mass scale, banks refuse to lend and the inventor doesn’t want to dilute his equity ownership. So what can we do to facilitate different methods of funding for startups?


An unregistered small business wants to raise working capital and raw materials but doesn't have access to finance. So how can we facilitate access to finance to unregistered businesses?


A home-based business owner trying to comply with tax regulations but don't know how and where to go. So what can we do to enable her file & pay her taxes seamlessly?


SMEs are unable to open bank accounts quickly to start making payments because of complex required documentation and long process. So what can we do to help him open light accounts so as not to lose a business opportunity?


An entrepreneur encounters difficulties to obtain financing because the search process is very costly and time consuming. So what can we do to avail all the financing opportunities and speed up the process?


A startup trying to get financing to start operating business but unable to get access to finance because he has no credit history or a collateral. So what can we do to facilitate access to financing for startups?


A small-sized company trying to pay the payroll for his employees through an automated tool but he is ineligible for bank payroll services. So what can we do to facilitate small businesses to pay their employees’ salaries seamlessly?


A manufacturing company needs funds but banks financing rates are not affordable for him. So what can we do to provide low cost funding?


An entrepreneur unable to apply to government tenders because he doesn’t have the knowledge on how to apply. So what can we do to help him have a direct government contractor and have access to LGs facility?


An online merchant wants to collect payments but finds a challenge in collection process because of high delivery and collection cost. So what can we do to provide an alternative way to store and secure data while reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs?


An unbanked SME has the opportunity to export to a big multinational player in a foreign country and he has invoices from the importers but the local bank is reluctant to bear the foreign party’s risk. So what can we do to enable the financing of international receivables?

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