Millennials nowadays don’t like long handling time of call centers. So how can we increase customers’ satisfaction by providing a quick and personalized responses to their inquiries?


The youth buy a lot of products online (e-commerce) but prefers to pay in cash rather than using digital financial services methods. What can we do to incentivize them to use digital payment methods?


How can financial institutions leverage data to make better targeted recommendations to customers on financial products relevant to their lifestyle and interests?


Adults use conventional methods to pay their bills and financial obligations as they don’t find any incentive to use digital payment solutions. What can we do to increase their engagement?


How can financial institutions use social media analytics to promote tailored financial products, investment opportunities, insurance plans with regards to consumers’ lifestyle and preferences?


Retail Investors have different investment priorities in different life stages that are unutilized. So how can we better engage them across customer journey priorities?


How can insurance agents maintain customer selection and better categorize customers based on their life event triggers including health, marriage and age?


Customers can’t find a place to have an aggregated view of their own financial products and services. How can we help customers to have a consolidated view of their financials across area like cash management, tax, loans, bills, investment and insurance to make more informed financial planning decisions?


A huge number of banked accounts are considered as stagnant because customers are unaware of the privileges of using their financial products. So what can we do to provide them with tailored programs to increase their banking services usage?


10. Banked customer has several bank accounts but no value proposition satisfies his needs and interests. What can we do to provide tailored programs according to his needs?

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