Following the success of the FinTech Academy 1st round:


Startups launched during the programme.


Successful graduates from FinTech Academy

5% is the global average


of learners were female.

Unleashing Female FinTech Entrepreneurial Potential
  • Endorse Gender Equality & Women Empowerment in Egypt.
  • Create a talent FinTech pipeline for female entrepreneurs.
  • Provide innovative FinTech solutions to female-specific problems.

With an aspiration of having equal participation of men & women FinTech Academy Learners, Accelerate ‘ha’ is aiming to empower women in the Egyptian FinTech and Entrepreneurial scene.

Who can Apply?

  • 1. A FinTech Enthusiast or Fresh Graduate.
  • 2. An aspiring FinTech Product Manager or Software Developer.
  • 3. Junior to Mid-level Banking Professionals.

What should I expect?

FinTech Academy Programme has 3 different Tracks:
  • 1. Entrepreneurship Track - For FinTech Disruptors.
  • 2. FinTech Product Management - For FinTech Product Owners.
  • 3. FinTech Developer - For Technologists

When is the upcoming round?

  • The second round of FinTech Academy Programme is from

June, 2021 October , 2021!

Don’t miss it and apply now!

How can I apply?

Following on the success of the program’s 1st round, you can now take part in the upcoming round through applying from here

What’s the program fees?

You can now join the programme for free! All we require is your commitment and aspiration to boost the FinTech industry in Egypt!

Want to be a partner?

Your entity can also be a partner and support FinTech Talents Growth through any of the following options or

  • Train your team – Plug in your relevant organization teams for free!, with more focus on women, given that this round has equal participation of men and women.
  • On-boarding your entity’s FinTech experts.
  • Recruit potential professionals – Opportunity to recruit potential trained calibers
  • Become a partner – Support the program through sponsorship for under-supported communities.

Contact us on to discuss potential partnership opportunities!

Apply now
Application Closes 10th of June, 2021
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