The Generative AI in Finance is an exclusive 3-month programme designed for professionals in the financial industry in Egypt wishing to dive into the world of AI.

It is the opportunity for participants to explore one of the most crucial 2024 mega trends at the intersection of finance and technology. The programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills to successfully leverage AI in their day-to-day job and within their organisation.

Taught by global AI and finance experts, participants will learn Generative AI and its applications through proven methodologies and business frameworks, and will lay the foundation for a more global AI strategy.

Why join?

Get the AI foundations

Learn the fundamental principles and today’s role of Generative AI in financial services

Explore the AI applications

Learn real-world applications and use cases of Generative AI in in financial services

Apply it

Be able to use Generative AI in real applications through your job


Learn the whole picture of Generative AI with 15 mins daily lessons

Meet Your Experts

Access Live Sessions from Experts

Apply your learning

Generative AI in finance program features 3 live sessions where participants will get to apply their learnings through a multitude of case studies, collaborative activities and more.

Engage your curiosity

Be part of the conversations that are driving change with top Fintech leaders and like-minded peers. Expand and enhance your global network with the innovative minds in Fintech.


The content of the Generative AI in Finance programme has been certified by CPD Certification Service as conforming to Continuing Professional Development principles.

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