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FinTech Egypt releases its FinTech Investments-focused H1 2022 Landscape Review “Why Egypt is a promising market for FinTech Investments?”

FinTech Egypt releases its investment-focused highlights report  “Why Egypt is a promising market for FinTech Investments?”

In the last few years, Egypt took several leaps on the road to digital transformation; seizing all opportunities to bolster digitalization across all industries. Subsequently, the Egyptian FinTech industry has been witnessing an unprecedent growth, as Egypt becomes one of the most promising markets for FinTechs in the region. The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has been the main catalyst of change for digitalizing the financial sector, adopting all necessary measures to attract the full array of digital financial services into its realm.

The CBE recognizes the importance of FinTech and innovation to support and advance the banking landscape, and as such is playing a pivotal role in supporting and enabling the FinTech ecosystem in Egypt. For this purpose, FinTech Egypt – an initiative powered by CBE – is releasing its FinTech and FinTech-enabled investment-focused landscape report covering the first half (H1) of 2022. This report follows in the footsteps of the recently published “Egypt FinTech Landscape Report 2021”, in providing a full-fledged understanding of the investment scene in the Egyptian Fintech industry that is set to soar.

This review is based on conducted surveys with 148 startups, payment service providers and enablers, and 26 investors and accelerators to cover all aspects of the FinTech investment scene in Egypt.


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