FinTech Egypt is launching the first Agri-FinTech Innovation Sprint 2022- AFIS22 to enable the Agri- FinTech / FinTech Enabled landscape that cater to the Agriculture sector needs in partnership with

and in collaboration with Egypt’s  Pioneer banks supporting the Agriculture industry.

There are 5 main problem statements tracks that are facing the Agriculture sector in access to digital financial offerings that we have unveiled, these problem statements require to be resolved through Agri- FinTech/FinTech enabled solutions.

Problem Statements


Supply Chain:

Local small Farmers production are fragmented across Egypt, where their products are time sensitive and they require to sell their products in a timely manner with costly middle men and late invoicing circulation, where there is no credible data sources on the farmers production that hinders the farmers exposure to access to finance.


B2B Marketplace:

Local small size Farmers do not have exposure to Local and International markets to sell their products at harvest time to manage their productivity and increase their sales and exposure to access to finance.


Digital Financial Services- Payments:

Farmers under 5 acres pay and receive payments for their produce in the field through cash, limiting the data available for banks to assess their credit scoring and this causes an issue for cash management in bulk especially for buyers in rural areas.


Water Management:

Farmers do not have managed irrigation causing crops to rot faster and land to be over irrigated hence reduce their production, limiting their sales and desired level of data exposure for risk assessment to avail access to finance.


Waste management:

Farmers are not aware of waste management or production management, hence produce a lot of waste that affects the environment, and their crops production is not optimized limiting their sales and desired level of data exposure to avail access to finance.

Our Innovation Sprint will grant you exposure with our Partner Industry Experts to take you on a journey to develop your solution through various workshops that we promise to expand your horizon.

The winning Startups get the chance to get matched to initiate a POC with one of the top banks in Egypt

Eligibility Criteria

Main Criteria:

Local or International registered startup that has at least an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) operating for at least 1
year in the market

Either of the following should apply for your startup:

  • Existing Agri-Fintech startup that cater for the Sprint Agri-FinTech problem statements.
  • Agri-business startup that are willing to develop a second MVP Fintech solution to their customers.
  • Fintech/ FinTech enabled startup that are willing to offer specified solutions to individuals/entities that are
    working in the Agri-business sector.

The application has been closed