Senior Quality Control Engineer

18 March 2019
Senior Quality Control Engineer


  • Develops Test Plan, test cases in a descriptive, structured and understandable way.
  • Comes up with complex scenarios; is creative in the scenarios being tested.
  • Knows re-usable components and components that were developed in the system being tested.
  • Knows how changes impact the system and knows how to test the affected modules.
  • Use test-case management tool to execute test-cases on the application/product
  • Achieve Test-cases full coverage after understanding customer needs, anticipates how the customer will use the system and suggests enhancements accordingly.
  • Log issues in a clear and accurate way on the bug tracking tool and tracks them until closure.
  • Develops & verifies creative & indirect scenarios that can affect the business domain of the application.
  • Set the correct Priority for issues on the bug tracking tool.
  • Follows up on bugs closure rate and rejection rate to take corrective action early enough.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply the appropriate testing types.
  • Verifies issues posted by any of the team members on the bug tracking tool.
  • Review and report SRS documents
  • Review and report UX document
  • Review and report Software Design Document
  • Comparing between UX and UI of projects
  • Initiate and create test conditions
  • Initiate and create test cases Tracks the tasks' percentage of completion; notices when a task will overrun and raises a flag.
  • Prepares project tasks estimates which turn to be close to the actual.
  • Follows the company quality standards & processes, discuss non-compliances with Quality Control Team Leader.
  • Delivers high quality work.
  • To ensure high quality and accuracy is maintained while developing the projects SRS & Design.
  • To review the traceability matrix & make sure of testcases coverage against all client requirements.
  • To perform the UAT/User experience Training at the client premises (if needed)


  • Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • Very good knowledge with different testing principles, standards and process.
  • Presentation, interpersonal, negotiation, and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated capacity for problem solving and synthesis.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Adhering to Principles and Values
  • Oral and written English communication skills necessary to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively to individuals and groups.

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